Sample chapters from an unpublished book by Jerry Stratton

Graveyard is about the profound importance of staying gone when you run away from home. Arthur’s dad leaves him in a shopping mall. Arthur runs after him but since his dad is in a car and Arthur isn’t, Arthur ends up lost in the Shopping Cart Graveyard. He befriends all of the shopping carts, except perhaps K-Marx the Communist Cart. Together with Fisher, a plastic shopping cart, and Voniece, a paraplegic who is not a shopping cart but rides in one, he saves the earth from an invasion of alien Llamas.

53,322 words

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This book is a work of truth. Only the names have been changed, for names give power to your enemies. Any resemblance to actual events, or places, or persons both living and dead, means it probably happened to you.

The voluminous State Encyclopedia in my father’s house was a constant reminder of the malleability of Soviet history. Every few years, after a high-profile death or trial, our family received official pages of revision. We were advised by authorities to put those pages in the appropriate place and burn the ones earmarked for removal.—Natan Sharansky (The Case for Democracy)